Bespoke Kitchens from Liberty York

Liberty York make great kitchens.

The kitchen is the most important room in any home;  Good kitchens must be practical, add value and be aesthetically pleasing. A well thought out kitchen design should fit in with the rest of the house. To remodel a kitchen is an exciting project. That is why you should choose Liberty York.

Liberty York are well placed to supply and fit Bespoke kitchens for new homes, renovation projects, apartments, hotels and commercial environments.

We are a well knit group of highly skilled craftsmen; we design and build bespoke  kitchens for York and a full range of fitted furniture in our workshop near York.

The design process requires careful thought and consideration in co-operation with you


Some Key points to consider when creating a new Kitchen

  1. You are investing in a kitchen for at least the next 15 years.  This means  a small cost premium spread over this time is a negligible cost per annum
  2. Once your new kitchen is installed it is very hard to modify.  Will it meet your future needs?  Will it work with possible future additions to your family?
  3. Quality is important  We use and source the best available materials and components with all kitchen and cabinet making projects. The whole can only be as good as the cheapest component: Many kitchens fail the test of time through weak hinges or drawer runners.
  4. We will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams.  You are going to spend a considerable amount of time every day working and living in your kitchen. You deserve the best (Over the next 15 years you are likely to spend the equivalent of 1¼years working in your kitchen!)
  5. From our experience, the cheapest price is seldom the best price.