We’ll work with you to develop a design to match your requirements. Using our four stage design process;


Stage 1. Develop a design brief.plan look mod

A Design brief can be as simple or as complex as is required, it is usually developed in concert with the client and the designer. In the case of fitted furniture and joinery, it should cover the practical requirements and aesthetic desirables. The Design brief is a foundation from which a drawing and specification can be developed. At it’s most basic level it is a list augmented with sample photographs of kitchens or furniture items supplied by the client.

Stage 2. Prepare optional drawings and sketches.Andrea Russell sk1

Optional drawings depict the desired item in block form. Colour and textural details are usually absent.  Basic forms are presented as options. These drawings enable the client to make the right choices about shape and proportion. The next step can be a final drawing or further more detailed optional drawings depending on the client’s requirements and the complexity of the project.

Stage 3. Prepare final drawings and sign off.

Andrea russell sk8 flat fronts tex

The Final drawings are fully developed illustrations covering colour, texture and specific dimensions. In the project illustrated, the clients chosen PC and devices have been  accounted for in the final design  The customer might have a special requirement such as surface or shelf heights. At this stage, a quotation or estimate is supplied

Stage 4. Construct and fit to the finished design.

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Following approval of the final drawing and acceptance of the quotation, timings and dates are agreed. Sufficient time is allowed for the construction whether it is a kitchen or fitted furniture,everything is made to cabinetmakers standards.






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