Our Bespoke Furniture Design Process

At Liberty York, we have developed our own in house process to help when working on any bespoke furniture design project. As a result of our experience, our four step process enables us to meet the most specific requirements.

Bespoke Furniture Design

Stage 1: Development of design brief

During the first stage we create a design brief. This can be as simple or as complex as is required due to us tailoring to your exact needs. Normally, this is developed when both the client and the designer are present. The design brief is the foundation from which all drawings are created.

Furniture design york

Stage 2: Preparation of drawings for your bespoke furniture design project

We will provide Initial drawings to depict the item in block form . As a rule, this doesn’t include colors and textures. The client can make informed decisions from these drawings as to the final shape and proportion.

Stage 3: Preparation of final drawings and sign off.

The final drawings are fully developed illustrations covering colour and texture. They also include specific dimensions. We have accounted for the clients PC on the project illustrated on the right. At this stage a quotation on the project is provided.

Stage 4: Construction and fitting of the final design.

Finally, after receiving the approval of final drawings and the acceptance of our quotation, we can book timings and dates .

To discuss your bespoke furniture design project in detail. Please get in touch via the form on this page. You can read external reviews on our Google page here.